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Good taste has a name: the "Palatinate snail".

We want to defy the loss of dining culture and the rapid spread of fast food. With an eye to animal welfare and authentic husbandry, we offer a regional product which returns the dignity to enjoying food. We serve Palatinate snails in our restaurant "Scharfes Eck" and our wine bar "Zur Weinbergschnecke" at Pfalzhotel Asselheim.

Today still in the vineyards on the farm - tomorrow on your plate as a delicacy.

It is an especially healthy culinary product with a wide variety of possible preparation styles. Without any cholesterol or fat, this foodstuff is a perfect match for modern times. Snails are also high in protein and minerals. That's why we place great value in our ecological free-range production. It ensures that the snails grow up under optimal soil, plant and moisture conditions. The snails are kept on a natural meadow with lemon thyme, clover, canola, mustard seed, lupins and sunflowers. The result is an extraordinarily high-quality gourmet product. Our permanent goal is to achieve a mild nutty taste with a hint of herbs and a consistency that is firm to the bite.

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