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When designing the wellness facilities, the Palavita team made sure to offer something for every taste:

Barrique sauna

A classical, Finnish wood sauna with dry air and a temperature up to 95 degrees Celsius. A sweating cure is said to strengthen the immune system, simulate the cardiovascular system and cleanse the body inside and out.

Winzersauna (vintner sauna)

This "soft sauna" is easy on the cardiovascular system, with temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius and humidity of around 45 percent. In general, it is suitable for guests who cannot handle the high temperatures of the Finnish sauna.

Schorlebad (steam bath)

In contrast to the dry heat of the Finnish sauna, this steam bath provides moist warmth. A sweating cure purifies the body and makes the skin soft and rosy. The moisture causes the pores to open, enabling the skin to intensively absorb agents such as medical chalk and salt or sea salt and honey. Different treatments, for example, with grape seed meal, grape seed oil and grape seed yoghurt vitalise body and spirit.

Dornfelderzauber and Rosétraum (Dornfelder Magic and Rosé Dream)

Two relaxation areas with comfortable loungers and a large illumination pattern of a vineyard panorama provide relaxation between sauna sessions and treatments.


After a vigorous sauna session, it's just as important to cool down in our outdoor "Rieslingbrise" area. The drastic temperature changes strengthen your immune system.

Heated bench with two foot basins

Recommended before every sauna session, to raise your body temperature. It stimulates your metabolism and gives your often-neglected feet an extra dose of warmth, especially during the cold winter months. Aside from sauna sessions, we also recommend Kneipp contrast baths, to stimulate your cardiovascular system and strengthen your immune system.

Two adventure showers

with different rain and shower heads.

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